"If your business needs more business, that's my business."
Plus or minus 10%, you're probably doing the same thing everyone else in your business category is doing.

It's time to infuse your business with new ideas, new life and new strategies.
No matter what your company sells, that's not the business you're in.
(This one will surprise you)
I'll analyze your business and help identify your primary and  secondary prospects
Next we'll target the primary prospects with different offers to see which works best
Spending marketing dollars blindly is so last century. Using live data, we'll market to your prime prospects.
We don't "think" something worked, we prove it . . . with data and more importantly, sales and revenue. 
You're busy. I get that. You focus on running your business. We'll take care of sending you customers.
Most business owners are so busy draining the swamp, they have no time to research, advertise, test and repeat. It's complicated. That's what we do. Let us help with the most important part of your business--attracting and selling new and existing customers. 
"Why choose us?"

Been there, done that.
There are a lot of egg heads out there who can tell you 10 ways to cook a steak and they're vegetarians. We've walked the walk. Been there, done that. You'll get real world ideas, not good sounding platitudes.
We don't have a magic bullet.
And anyone who promises you one is b.s.ing you. Creating new revenue streams and/or expanding existing ones takes thought, time, planning and specific actions. We've worked with hundreds of companies to build solid, long-term growth.
You'll get the unvarnished truth.
A few prospective clients who took advantage of my free one hour initial consult were advised to sell their business find something they really wanted to do. You might hear things you don't like but you'll know anything we recommend is for your benefit based on your goals.
You have nothing to lose unless . . .
you don't contact me for the one hour free consult. Look, I know asking for help isn't easy but I promise you'll benefit from that free hour even if you don't engage Smiley Solutions. It's a no lose proposition. Get on my calendar by clicking below. You're going to be glad you did.
"Think of it as a personal trainer for your business."
Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag--a business coach seeks to do for your business what a personal trainer does for your body.
"Ready to make this your best year yet?"
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Over 37 Years Experience Working With All Types & Sizes of Businesses
Fluent in ALL media including E-commerce, Radio/TV/Print, Direct Mail
Well versed in Social Media Advertising Channels
Web Design from Scratch or Updating Your Current Website
Business Startups, Turnarounds, Closings. We've Done It All
Whatever your challenges, we've seen and solved them before.
HOW may we help you?
Just launching a business?
The business world can stay crazy longer than most of us can stay liquid. Don't learn on the job. You'll save thousands of dollars and months of frustration by letting us help. 
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"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is today. Let's talk about your goals for 2019, what keeps you awake at night and what needs to happen to grow your business."
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